Hi, nice to see you here. On this page you will find some information on me and my work as a life coach. In short: i help people who struggle with personal matters, whether it is your thinking head, or your tiresome body, a difficult choice you have to make, dilemma’s you have to deal with. Maybe you experience low selfesteem, communication problems with others, old pains, new stress, et cetera. Anything really that bothers you. It doesn’t have to be big, but can be pretty darn tiring or frustrating.

Life coach

With coaching you can develop more resilience, more inner peace, a more positive selfesteem, better communication skills, more efficient patterns in your life. Being, living more in the here and now. More in the flow of your life.

NOW (NU) can be the moment that you take action. To do something about it. How, we don’t know yet. First we will talk and work on awareness, then we’ll continue with further investigation and exercises. Sometimes a little homework, sometimes it just will be the sinking in. Mindfulness, (self)compassion, voice dialogue, ACT (acceptance and commitment therapy), focus & sense, and some improvisation from my side. It can be fun, it can be tiresome, it may be a little painful.

Are you interested in what i can do for you? Or maybe you still have some questions? Please feel free to contact me NOW. You are welcome to call me on 06-15449400 (if i am not available i will return the call soon) or mail me at info@estherbruls.nu. 


Esther Bruls is a certified life coach, living in Tilburg. In the past she worked as a communications person, book editor, organisor of cultural events, both in business and ngo’s. She is constantly curious, of the mind/body, the other, the world. Her strengths lie in profound questioning, listening with close attention, intuitive responding to what is needed, playfull improvisations, and providing a solid and safe bedding. Coaching has become her life profession, after a long stretch of searching how to handle existential pain, dysthymia (chronic sombreness) and fibromyalgia (painful body). She is NOW completely happy where she is, with all the ups and downs of life and ego.

PS my English is not perfect, as you can see from the text above, but i find it adequatly sufficient for coaching.